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FAQ's - (Frequently asked Questions)

* How Soon will I be Paid, and how much?
This depends on a) when there are future castings/events for YOU (your look), b) Your performance at the casting, and c) if you are selected to shoot the role.

* Events and Auditions come up regularly and are ongoing...
..But... for different looks and demographics.
Its not possible to know in advance when these auditions are, or if an artiste will or will not get that booking.

It is important to keep logging in to P-B to see upcoming auditions. OR if the event is the same or following day, we will sms you to log in and get the brief.

*Advertisers plan their campaigns when they need them - and when ready, they put out calls for actors or models to make the advert. (for confidentiality, this happens only at a day or two's notice)
* We don't know until (typically) the day before an audition, who or what is called for- (or what will be paid) - see past events - under yr casting photos  for typical events and of payments paid.
Usually, advertisers want to SEE options of possible artistes available, before they meet them in person. (This is done by photos sent by PB or at a Casting director casting for the role)

Important: Having a running portfolio
(up to date) allows us to present to clients the LATEST possible options for their commercial- It is used when Photos are required that closely resemble the look that they are looking for (for each role). Also Z-Cards are requested regularly and P-B makes these and sends them out to advertisers before casting.
* Typically, the advertiser would select the look they want from these photos or z-cards. They need to Choose who they want BEFORE they meet you-
...  Sometimes they leave that to the agent (PB) who selects.
* but Without a Portfolio, its like 'shouting in the dark'  ... you need a portfolio that is updated regularly

* Casting/Audition: If Selected  to cast (by these above options), the artiste is sent to the Casting or Audition (in the next day or so). The venue can vary. They(artistes) should be prepared and have studied the brief so as to KNOW what to do at each casting. Briefs are confidential and Artistes only get the brief on the internet- when we(PB) direct them to. (Each brief is different - and so are the amounts to be paid)
* It then depends on the artiste's Performance at the casting, as to whether he or she will get the Booking (Job).
If they get the booking, then they will shoot the scene at a future date- and the briefed amount will be paid by the advertiser - (less tax and agency commission)
* Normally Advertisers pay a calendar month after the shoot.
- To get an idea of the frequency and amount paid for Bookings/jobs- Just go to your Own 'Casting photos' Page and UNDER These you may see Previous Jobs (and Dates) for similar ages and demographics to you.

Hope This Helps.

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