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  Fri, 19 Jul South Africa:
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 2025 Selections!
Platinum-Blue (Intnl)- Next Open-Casting: Sat,03 Aug'24
The NEXT Open-Casting is:
on Sat,03 Aug'24

Venue: RidgeStudio: 31 Linksfield Drive Linksfield Ridge
Casting Opens at
30 Minutes before 08:45 AM -

What is an OpenCasting?   Anyone can attend !. Whether you'v had experience or not.    (... although some skill would be a Bonus!)

Castings today will be for 'Extras'  and includes ALL people Big and small, Beautiful and Not - into a collection of 'The Man in the street'.
Extras are People that are hired mainly to form a 'crowd' - for movies, TV and Backgrounds of 'People Places'. We are casting today for Extras.
Note: Extras do NOT represent Executive Models at Platinum-Blue.

Platinum-Blue models are Exclusively and selectively Hand-Picked.
In this casting (Sat,03 Aug'24 )... you MAY be selected to be a Platinum-Blue Model. If You do - this is a huge compliment. Good Luck - If not, you will be Still made available for shoots as a P-B extra.

DO YOU want2 appear on TV/MODEL ?

OpenCasting for TV, Movies, Extra's & PRO-Modeling on Sat,03 Aug'24 .

Book Yourself: Just SMS yr Name & Cell# to:
                                     Pam on 083 250-5000
     >>     U can SMS (direct) <<- Click Here

AdminFee: Bring R490-(cash) : Yr R490 fee is for Admin & Photography - to be Listed on The Agencies Internet Site as an Extra, for whatever Jobs come Up. You will have your OWN Internet link to refer people to - and be publicly visible to all Hiring agencies.
If you're chosen for different jobs LATER- You will be paid then by the Agency.
You have to register with R490 first before being available for
Platinum-Blue Assignments.

Clothing: Wear Smart/Casual/Attractive (Don't wear Black or White!)
                                                        (Choosing Clothing Colours)

Finally to prepare:  Get a Good Night's Sleep !!!

Ridge:Studio: 31 Linksfield Drive, Linksfield Ridge, JHB.

If by Taxi Service: -
Ask for TAXIS to LINKSFIELD, JHB (Near Edenvale)!
Ask for CLUB street, Linksfield

(If coming from JHB City, Taxis to Linksfield depart from Corner Noord and Claim - Taxi Rank)


If in a Car-From the N3 Highway (North or South), take the Linksfield Rd offramp. Turn Right. Go approximately 3.2km till the Engen Garage (after passing the Golf Course).
(U will nw b on CLUB Street).

In Linksfield - On the Corner of CLUB & Bedford RD (Engen) ...
Turn Left into Bedford Rd. Travel to the TOP of Mountain. Linksfield Drive No 31.
See U - Just GetHere!  (PamRob)  
See Map 1 (Close): Map 1 See Map 2 (wide): Map 2

----------- Portfolio PhotoShoots ----------

Platinum-Blue Model Agency

Platinum-Blue is an established Professional South African modeling, photographic and commercial  agency. We provide our members with the best advertising and promotions through our internet networking, and immaculate photography by the finest photographers in SA, preparing them to get to the top.
The innovative and forward-thinking mindset at *Platinum-Blue* encourages our Actors and Models to embrace change and growth.

Listed as:

Studios: -) One of our studio's are based on Beautiful Linksfield Ridge, JHB (close to East Gate) – High on a Mountain with waterfall and View settings. Quite a Magical Shoot location. That's where Many of the shoots take place in JHB.
Another studio is in Beautiful CapeTown - a 5 Level 1st Class Executive House "On the Beach" in MelkbosStrand -
Marble Floors and rim flow pools with exquisite Sunset views on the Ocean and Beach.
A Perfect site for Shooting "Everything"

Platinum-Blue PhotoShoot Rates:- Mini-Photo shoot = R1450 to R1950- You'll be Listed with Platinum-Blue as an Extra for any TV / Photographic Commercial advertising that requires Extras.

Portfolio photoshoot = R4,900-  (If Invited/Model-Scouted)            
.... or R7,950- to R8,950- for Production (Ordered Shoots).
(ALL Portfolios are WEB Based and displayed on P-B Website)

NIGHT-Portfolio photoshoot = R1920- (If Invited/Model-Scouted)     
.... or R5,250- to R7,950- for Night Production (Ordered Shoots).
(These NightShoots are Stunning With the Backdrop of a Million Lights of JHB, and candles, - Water Fountains and a Stunning Elegant Attractive overtone. - A Must Have in a Good Portfolio-)

If Invited, you'll be Listed with
Platinum-Blue as a professional Photographic Model.  However you HAVE to be Invited by Platinum-Blue to be a Platinum-Blue Model. (This could Happen Immediately on Your Photograph submission to us - or by doing an initial MiniShoot).  We will then Advertise and Promote you on the the Internet, and together with your own marketing as well,  making you available to get to the top…. where you’ll be in line for all TExtra / Acting / and Modelling shoots.

TOP-UP Shoot (Policy):-
Platinum-Blue Existing Models may do a TOP-UP shoot (this is Required), EVERY 3 (three) months for Free!-
(... or if you do a Major Change to yr Look -
ie Change your Hair Style, or Lose/Gain weight OR if you're an artiste under 18 yrs of age- your look will change as you mature).
This shoot is Quick & is FREE, as long as its done within 3 to 6 months
This keeps you & your Pics Current. However, if U do NOT shoot within 3 to 6 months, a R980+ fee will be charged, to shoot yr New Look!
>Clients Expect
you to be Current, & to see How you Look NOW !
- Castings are Invited based on the LAST Shoot done order.
Please Keep Current All the Time. - (Its Free if in 3-6mnths)

Platinum-Blue Models/Actors/Artists :- are Charged out to Clients- (The people who use our artists) for Shoots/Promotions - Advertising/Movies (under strict Platinum-Blue Guidelines)
Charge Out Rates are per Afternoon / Per-Day Rates.
Email: for these in a brief of your requirements.

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  Fri, 19 Jul

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