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 2025 Selections!
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"People come and go - but the messages they leave are indelible for ALL time ..."
'Kiana' said...
... "3)[TopUp-TestShoot] I had a great time. I felt confident going in and walking out of the studio. I enjoyed being in front of the camera and getting immediate feedback about how to fix my poses and stances. I love how the pictures turned out! They are great

2)[Pics Published] I had allot of FUN doing the shoot and felt GOOD doing it especially when I was given the freedom to come up with my own style!
Working with Rob, I found it easy for us to spark each other's INSPIRATIONS as we came up with different ideas TOGETHER and listened to each other. Theres so many GREAT shots and I'd LOVE to post them! ??

1)[PFShootDay] Was such a success! Looking forward to seeing my pictures! :)
     Kiana Rose Prins... (Benoni,GAUTENG)
     last Shoot : Tue, 09 Jul 2024
'Kiana' (23y) [Ec:B0002206]
     'Adele' said...
... "[2024 TopUp Shoot] It was great working with you guys, I had a good time
The character photoshoot was an incredible. Thank you Rob for making the experience beautiful, though it was my first shoot, you made sure we get everything right for the success of the shoot. Thank you for your patience!.
     Adelaide Mat... (JHB)
     last Shoot : Tue, 09 Jul 2024
'Adele' (27y) [Ec:B0003856]
'Joei' said...
... "2)[Pics Published] My experience was really amazing and wonderful my pictures look so beautiful and amazing I can't believe it's me The team and photographers made me feel comfortable and special thank you so much !
(From Mom-Carla) just wanted to thank you guys for the beautiful pictures of my daughter Destiny that you took.A big WOW!!!!! To all of you I can't believe she looks so stunning. Platinum blue ! you guys ROCK ! You'll are very professional, loving, kind and most of all you make your clients feel at ease. KEEP Up The Good Work!

1)[PFShootDay] Rob I enjoyed it tremendously and working with you made me feel at ease to express myself you are very professional which I like about you thank you for making me feel beautiful today
Thank you to your team aswell they added onto my pics making me look and feel so amazing thank you to your team well done
     Destiny(Mom-Carla) Adaeze Isin... (Riverlea, JHB)
     last Shoot : Tue, 09 Jul 2024
'Joei' (16y) [Ec:B0002773]
     'Katelyn' said...
... "3) To Rob and P-B team:
My experience with you all was magnificent. Shooting with Rob has definitely boosted my confidence and made me feel extra beautiful.
Rob is brilliant at his job. He makes the model feel at ease and ensures they have fun. My pictures were as expected - absolutely stunning. I without a doubt am in love with them.
Working with Rob and the P-B team really uplifts you as a person. Thank you all for such a memorable shoot. I cannot wait for the next one.

2)[Pics Published] Thank you so much, they (Pics) are absolutely stunning. Thanks Rob for making me feel beautiful. I like all the pictures

1)[PFShootDay] Good afternoon. Thank you so much Rob and the team! The experience was absolutely fantastic. Rob is a brilliant photographer and Gracie is an absolute beaut with great makeup skills. Until the next shoot
     Katelyn Van Amster... (RandPark Ridge, JHB)
     last Shoot : Tue, 09 Jul 2024
'Katelyn' (19y) [Ec:B0002188]
'Markx' said...
... "3)[TopUp] The shoot was awesome. Enjoy the experience everytime. Working with u is great because u know what looks great and demand it.

2)[Pics published] What an adventure. From the first day of casting.
The hectic week of sorting out my outfit gear and making them work.
I was invigorated. Inspired by the professional way everything is handled and run at P-B. I really feel like this is the beginning of great things to come. I am hoping for everything of the best...
This experience has also ignited my passions, so I feel Energetic and optimistic... I am going through the pictures now
they look Great :)

1)[PF ShootDay] Awesome working with u guys- I felt awesome,
it was fun, exciting and also informative ! Great experience...
     Mark Nara... (Lenasia, JHB)
     last Shoot : Wed, 03 Jul 2024
'Markx' (42y) [Ec:A0003929]
     'Mel' said...
... "My experience with shooting with you was amazing. I felt great with all the photos and poses. The most exciting was om the roof. It was like my personality. Outgoing and taking risks. I loved it. I like my shoot pics Theyre gorgeous ! ThankYou for shooting them. I loved the experience ...
     Meliza Go... (Randfontein)
     last Shoot : Wed, 03 Jul 2024
'Mel' (27y) [Ec:B0004047]
'Dineo' said...
... "2)[Pics Published] I had a great experience thank you ...I love the pictures. I went through the pictures...thank you. I love them and think they are just fine the way you placed them thank you

1)[PFShootDay] I had a great time. Thank you for the experience and advice.
     Dineo Mor... (Tembisa)
     last Shoot : Fri, 28 Jun 2024
'Dineo' (30y) [Ec:B0003131]
     'Thati' said...
... "3)[TopUp-TestShoot] Thati really enjoyed the shoot and since I (Mom) was there when she was shooting I would like to thank you guys on how patient you are with her and making her feel comfortable shooting with the P-B team
-Regarding Onthatile's pictures we rely love all of them - and the picture on the front page also perfect !

2)[Pics Published] My shoot was amazing I really enjoyed myself and had so much fun... also my pictures look stunning and beautiful I love them
     Onthatile Mar... (Mabopane)
     last Shoot : Wed, 19 Jun 2024
'Thati' (8y) [Ec:B0003994]
'Fame-Ferg' said...
... "2)[Pics Published] The shoot actually really educated me which made me really happy. I loved the pics they look really good. I just wanna say thx a lot for the shoot and hopefully this is the start of something big :))

1)[PFShootDay] The shoot was great and it was really nice working with you I learnt a lot today hopefully I can use what I learnt from you to improve myself
     Josephus Ajib... (JHB)
     last Shoot : Fri, 14 Jun 2024
'Fame-Ferg' (22y) [Ec:B0004599]
     'Lolly Hop' said...
... "I got the pictures ,they are really nice .
It was so wonderful to that extend whereby I had to express the real me.
I felt like as if I could take over the world. Very nice ! I'm happy, I just wanna say ThankYou :)))
     Mathola Karabo Mme... (Polokwane)
     last Shoot : Mon, 13 May 2024
'Lolly Hop' (24y) [Ec:B0002488]
'Vee' said...
... "2)[Pics Published] It was a Blessing shooting with you. The shoot made me feel welcomed and free to be myself
The pictures are pleasing and I like them a lot !!

1)[PFShootDay] I felt welcomed and honored to work with you...
I just viewed the video on YouTube wow what an amazing photoshoot indeed
2Real SA's music really goes along with the video
     Avuyile Happiness Nko... (Spruitview,Alberton)
     last Shoot : Mon, 13 May 2024
'Vee' (22y) [Ec:B0004524]
     'Lawrence' said...
... "2)[TopUp] The photo-shoot with platinum Blue was excellent I enjoyed every moment during the shoot including the photographer 'Rob. I felt good how he got the shoots indeed that was the best photo-shoot ever with stunning outfits and poses

1) [Portfolio Shoot] The shoot was perfect ! I enjoyed everything about the shoot today.
     Lawrence Mfanafuthi Z... (PTA)
     last Shoot : Fri, 10 May 2024
'Lawrence' (28y) [Ec:B0004808]
'Lee' said...
... "2) [TopUp] ...thank you so much guys im so happy I'm loving the pictures my son looks handsome and cool .. good job guys. You never disappoint. We had fun and is always easy to work with you guys cause we always feel at home when we shoot with you thank you Rob and P-B team.

1) [Portfolio] The pictures look 'great and beautiful guys thank you.
The experience was amazing you could tell Lesego never cried since morning till the end.You could tell Lesego felt like a king and rich kid wearing that suit so special and for me felt very important. Guys. the pictures look stunning and great Everything the lighting. The view .the environment and the kindness for all of the P-B team you guys made it special and easy to work with you. Thank you guys we so happy and whole family.
     Lesego(Mom-Thato) Rachu... (Ivory Park)
     last Shoot : Mon, 29 Apr 2024
'Lee' (5y) [Ec:B0002216]
     'Akim' said...
... "4) [TopUp Summer] Hi Rob my shoot was really great as usual. It's been time since you worked with me :)
I enjoyed every moment and I love my pics they are amazing thanks to you. I like the ones of the hot summer the most Thank you:)

3)[TopUp-TestShoot] It was fantastic working with you and shooting was awesome

2)[Pics Published] Hi Rob i want to say thank u again because i was looking for people like u for a long time u dont undermine people u see something from everyone God send u to us go on with your good job so many people need your help dont mind my poor english photos are stunning love them all thank u Rob Sir

1)[PFShootDay] Thank u Rob for everything im bless to work with u God be with u im happy
     Ungakimi Nkamb... (Emdeni, Soweto)
     last Shoot : Fri, 12 Apr 2024
'Akim' (20y) [Ec:A0006042]
'Minah' said...
... "Good morning it was a great experience learning from the best a great leader and coach Mr Rob and his team Ii enjoyed each and every moment of it because it made me come out the box and be me Ii love my pictures so much and my shoot was lit because Ii enjoyed being around different models and I also go few tips on how to pose.
I felt great everything was great and I enjoyed each and every moment of it
     Minah Minenhle Motit... (Carltonville)
     last Shoot : Fri, 12 Apr 2024
'Minah' (26y) [Ec:B0004490]
     'Ora' said...
... "It was fun and good working with you. I had so much fun having to wear my outfits and learning new poses
From the Shoot I realised that I am actually fit for modelling... It made me feel like I am already famous.
I really loved my pics and I never thought they would come out so beautifully...
     Oarabile(+Mom) Serole Lit... (Stone Arch)
     last Shoot : Mon, 08 Apr 2024
'Ora' (15y) [Ec:B0004329]
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"People come and go - but the messages they leave are indelible for ALL time ..."





















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