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"People come and go - but the messages they leave are indelible for ALL time ..."
'Eddie' said...
... "2)[Pics Published] My experience at P-B wat outstanding.
Shooting with a proffesional and outstanding and amamzing photographer who knows what he want and how he wants it.My shoot itself was definetly a great experience and memory i would never forget.Truely one amazing agency with kind and good hearted people definetly hope to shoot in the future again with P-B

1)[PFShootDay] First of all thx for the opportunity ans the great experience and time i had.Truely i javr learned a lot and couldnt ask for a better photographer i am really greatfull.Not only have i done the shoot but could help u with the reflection of light??so thank you very much
     Eduan Greyl... (CAPE TOWN - Langebaan)
     last Shoot : Tue, 25 Jan 2022
'Eddie' (22y) [Ec:B0003009]
     'Thati' said...
... "My shoot was amazing I really enjoyed myself and had so much fun... also my pictures look stunning and beautiful I love them
     Onthatile Mar... (Mabopane)
     last Shoot : Tue, 25 Jan 2022
'Thati' (5y) [Ec:B0003994]
'Gelo Pelo' said...
... "5) [Zabalaza (DSTV) Shoot] The shoot was nice i enjoyd every part of it i felt like a top model today at te shoot it was GREAT!!!

4)2015-0116Fr:[TopUp The pics thy look s000 stunning nd sexy I really love them nd I like to thank Platinum-Blue it taught me so manythng te poses I wasn't good with te poses bt now I'm perfect I love workng with you guys. All ma family nd friend thy are impressed abt te pic u guys shoot u really do a good job.I love every pic I took with u thy perfect no complain.I think I dnt have enough swimmng wear pics I wil buy a new swimming wear nd come to shoot with it nd I would like to thank u Rob for evrythng u such an amazing person to work with
3)Ev:E0004652~ 'SCANDAL: The EXCLUSIVE PARTY It was gud 2 shoot with Scandal being around celebrities is awesome I enjoyd evry min of it and tnx Rob I really apriciate it you are te whn are thy going 2 broadcast it cos I cnt wait 2 see ma self of tv

2)[Pics Published] I am so so so so Happy the pics are so nyc am inlove with thm nd I would like 2 thank Rob ma photographer.

1)[PFShootDay] The shoot was so great I enjoyed evry moment of it tnx a lot
     Kgaugelo Ntso... (Katlehong)
     last Shoot : Sat, 22 Jan 2022
'Gelo Pelo' (30y) [Ec:A0006274]
     'Terry-Ann' said...
... "I really enjoyed doing it and absolutely can't wait to do more what great photographers and awesome editors I really appreciate it so much.
ShootDay: Thank you for the amazing day - Had alot of fun
     Terry-Ann Jody Lam... (JHB)
     last Shoot : Fri, 21 Jan 2022
'Terry-Ann' (25y) [Ec:B0002485]
'Alex-Kim' said...
... "[ShootDay and Pics] I had a really lovely day in all. Everyone seemed to work well as a team.
I felt lovely doing the shoots and the pics I have seen so far are Amazing.
Everyone made me feel very welcome. Thank you.
     Alex Kim Dun... (Springs - Nigel)
     last Shoot : Fri, 21 Jan 2022
'Alex-Kim' (27y) [Ec:B0002540]
     'Lola' said...
... "3)[TopUp-TestShoot] my experience was pretty great, It turned out better than I expected it would although there's alot of pressure the experience was still amazing. It made me feel like a confident supermodel, My pictures are absolutely gorgeous.
My experience with platinum blue this far has been great, they have a good work ethic and push you to your fullest potential, they surely brought the best out in me and I look forward to our journey here on out.

2)[Pics Published] I really enjoyed the experience and learned alot, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, I feel I can do better with time. I look forward to more shoots with you.
     Laureen Celine Penn... (Meredale JHB)
     last Shoot : Fri, 21 Jan 2022
'Lola' (21y) [Ec:B0004327]
'Thandeka' said...
... "The experience was awesome !It made me realize that I still have a lot to learn, even though Rob was hard on me, I get it and I appreciate his sincerity. My pictures look stunning. I think shooting with you made me realize that I need to learn how to pose and know all these poses.
I need to improve and I will.
     Thandeka Shon... (Riverside View)
     last Shoot : Wed, 12 Jan 2022
'Thandeka' (33y) [Ec:B0003415]
     'Ofentse' said...
... "2)[Pics Published] This was my first Portfolio Photoshoot so I was finally happy to do it and with the outfits chosen, it made it to be more fun.
- I felt like a princess ???? especially when we had the team assisting us.
- I love the pics, they absolutely stunning
- With y'all the shoot was really fun, I understand that you were strict on us because you wanted perfect pictures and I am grateful for that.

1)[PFShootDay] it was a great pleasure to work with you and the team. I am really honoured to be part of Platinum Blue, I cannot wait to see the pictures
     Ofentse Pi... (Soweto)
     last Shoot : Wed, 12 Jan 2022
'Ofentse' (23y) [Ec:B0003265]
'Mel' said...
... "My experience with shooting with you was amazing. I felt great with all the photos and poses. The most exciting was om the roof. It was like my personality. Outgoing and taking risks. I loved it. I like my shoot pics Theyre gorgeous ! ThankYou for shooting them. I loved the experience ...
     Meliza Steenk... (Randfontein)
     last Shoot : Wed, 12 Jan 2022
'Mel' (24y) [Ec:B0004047]
     'Leighboo' said...
... "3)[TopUp-TestShoot] I was so happy to be around you guys. Being around you made me feel like a real model.
Working with you taught me how to be passionate about yourself,how to be on time for everything. My pictures looks amazing thank you for everything.

2)[Pics Published] Working with you was fun and exciting. You made me feel like a real model and I thank you for that.
     Kananelo Lebohang Seitsh... (PTA)
     last Shoot : Mon, 10 Jan 2022
'Leighboo' (20y) [Ec:B0004032]
'Lee' said...
... "4)[TopUp-TestShoot] It was an interesting, amazing and loving

3)[Video-Drone SHoot] : The video is exquisite and entertaining to watch

2)[Pics Published] The experience was fabulous,incredible and wonderful.I was pleased,joyful.I'm in love with all the pictures and the makeup.guiding me n make me to pose good pose for my pictures can be stunning

1)[PFShootDay] It was amazing i really enjoyed myself Thank u so much
     Lerato Se... (JHB)
     last Shoot : Mon, 10 Jan 2022
'Lee' (19y) [Ec:B0003283]
     'Gita' said...
... "2)[Pics Published] Had a great experience, i learnt new things, poses and styles
I felt confident and good
My pictures look good and professional, i had a great time
Appreciate your help and advice
There are some (not a lot) that I'd like removed though but they are all amazing.. Thank you

1)[PFShootDay] It[P-B PhotoShoot] felt good thanks, happy to shoot with you
     Gita Fort... (Boksburg)
     last Shoot : Sat, 08 Jan 2022
'Gita' (21y) [Ec:B0004230]
'Jongi' said...
... "3)[Video-Drone SHoot] : Absolutely amazing :) I love it !

2)[Pics Published] I really REALLY enjoyed myself at platinum blue and i made sure i showed off my talent and I absolutely loved both of my photographers very nice and I thank u s000000 much Rob for pushing me ??

1)[PFShootDay] Well it was amazing I had lots of fun and had learned new things so I'm really happy about today??
     Jongi Mayek... (JHB)
     last Shoot : Thu, 06 Jan 2022
'Jongi' (19y) [Ec:B0003345]
     'Kiana' said...
... "3)[TopUp-TestShoot] I had a great time. I felt confident going in and walking out of the studio. I enjoyed being in front of the camera and getting immediate feedback about how to fix my poses and stances. I love how the pictures turned out! They are great

2)[Pics Published] I had allot of FUN doing the shoot and felt GOOD doing it especially when I was given the freedom to come up with my own style!
Working with Rob, I found it easy for us to spark each other's INSPIRATIONS as we came up with different ideas TOGETHER and listened to each other. Theres so many GREAT shots and I'd LOVE to post them! ??

1)[PFShootDay] Was such a success! Looking forward to seeing my pictures! :)
     Kiana Rose Prins... (Benoni,GAUTENG)
     last Shoot : Thu, 06 Jan 2022
'Kiana' (20y) [Ec:B0002206]
'Lawrence' said...
... "The shoot perfect I enjoyed everything about the shoot today.
     Lawrence Mfanafuthi Z... (PTA)
     last Shoot : Wed, 15 Dec 2021
'Lawrence' (25y) [Ec:B0004808]
     'Aiken' said...
... "Was amazing working with you guys."
     Aiken Liddel Oli... (PTA)
     last Shoot : Thu, 09 Dec 2021
'Aiken' (18y) [Ec:B0002953]
'Persy' said...
... "4) [TopUp] (pics) They are superb .. Thanks so much
Good job

3)[PF Shoot2] The pics are extremely stunning ..thank yu so much

2)[PF Shoot]
I really had fun , I so much loved every bit of shoot .. I felt important and it also felt I was in a movie for the first time . Thank uncle Rich for me ..

1)My photo shoot was the best . I had fun , getting to learn some of the best poses . I just can't wait for my portfolio .. Thank you so much for the experience . Merry Christmas
     Persy Perseverance Kgantso Chi... (Bellview East)
     last Shoot : Thu, 09 Dec 2021
'Persy' (30y) [Ec:B0006374]
     'Sboh' said...
... "Good afternoon, thank u very much for a fantastic ,exciting shoot.
I had an amazing experience with you all.
You all were hot too
     Sibonelo Kwabo Shon... (JHB)
     last Shoot : Mon, 06 Dec 2021
'Sboh' (28y) [Ec:B0002282]
'Lee' said...
... "2) [TopUp] ...thank you so much guys im so happy I'm loving the pictures my son looks handsome and cool .. good job guys. You never disappoint. We had fun and is always easy to work with you guys cause we always feel at home when we shoot with you thank you Rob and P-B team.

1) [Portfolio] The pictures look 'great and beautiful guys thank you.
The experience was amazing you could tell Lesego never cried since morning till the end.You could tell Lesego felt like a king and rich kid wearing that suit so special and for me felt very important. Guys. the pictures look stunning and great Everything the lighting. The view .the environment and the kindness for all of the P-B team you guys made it special and easy to work with you. Thank you guys we so happy and whole family.
     Lesego(Mom-Thato) Rachu... (Ivory Park)
     last Shoot : Mon, 06 Dec 2021
'Lee' (2y) [Ec:B0002216]
     'Sindi' said...
... "[Video on ShootDay] Ohh wow this is so beautiful !!!

[PortF ShootDay] The shoot was amazing thank u Rob...

     Sindisiwe Mb... (Tembisa)
     last Shoot : Sat, 04 Dec 2021
'Sindi' (20y) [Ec:B0003504]
'Akim' said...
... "4) [TopUp Summer] Hi Rob my shoot was really great as usual. It's been time since you worked with me :)
I enjoyed every moment and I love my pics they are amazing thanks to you. I like the ones of the hot summer the most Thank you:)

3)[TopUp-TestShoot] It was fantastic working with you and shooting was awesome

2)[Pics Published] Hi Rob i want to say thank u again because i was looking for people like u for a long time u dont undermine people u see something from everyone God send u to us go on with your good job so many people need your help dont mind my poor english photos are stunning love them all thank u Rob Sir

1)[PFShootDay] Thank u Rob for everything im bless to work with u God be with u im happy
     Ungakimi Nkamb... (Emdeni, Soweto)
     last Shoot : Fri, 03 Dec 2021
'Akim' (18y) [Ec:A0006042]
     'Hope Faraday' said...
... "2)[Pics Published] I would like to say thank you to you and your team for the awesome work
I really had fun and I love how the pictures came out! I have really learned a lot and I definitely feel like a model
thank you P-B!

1)[PFShootDay] It was such a great learning experience
I had a lot of fun!thank you so much
     Hope Eze... (South hills, JHB)
     last Shoot : Fri, 03 Dec 2021
'Hope Faraday' (24y) [Ec:A0007114]
'Ora' said...
... "It was fun and good working with you. I had so much fun having to wear my outfits and learning new poses
From the Shoot I realised that I am actually fit for modelling... It made me feel like I am already famous.
I really loved my pics and I never thought they would come out so beautifully...
     Oarabile(+Mom) Serole Lit... (Stone Arch)
     last Shoot : Sat, 27 Nov 2021
'Ora' (13y) [Ec:B0004329]
     'Lethu' said...
... "I had n experience of my life,thank you for every thing.Rob u are amazing i enjoyed every moment, my pics ate lovely can't even choose i like them all
     Olwethu M... (Midrand, Gauteng)
     last Shoot : Fri, 26 Nov 2021
'Lethu' (16y) [Ec:B0007034]
'Melo' said...
... "2)[Pics Published] The shooting was great, beautiful pictures that we ever had,it felt like she already made it because how u coached her n how you made things easy for her as a first time experience, She is so excited as well. I'm looking forward to work with you thanks.

1)[PFShootDay] We really had a great time, it was a great experience for her,she can’t stop stalking about the shoot, she really had fun thanks.
     Kgahliso(+Mom) Melody Ci... (Kempton Park)
     last Shoot : Wed, 24 Nov 2021
'Melo' (7y) [Ec:B0002121]
     'Simone' said...
... "2)[Pics Published] The shoot was amazing and it made me feel good about myself and about my modeling career.
The photos are beautiful - I love how they turned out

1)[PFShootDay] Thanks for the amazing day and the wonderful experience with you guys I love working with you and can't wait to see the results of today's shoot.
     Simone(+Mom) Bester Vivi... (PTA)
     last Shoot : Wed, 27 Oct 2021
'Simone' (17y) [Ec:B0003405]
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"People come and go - but the messages they leave are indelible for ALL time ..."






















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