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Onthatile Maroga

L8+ Catalog~Actress and Model: w

Speaks: :English, Tswana:
Based in: :Mabopane:
Born in: :South Africa:
Birthday: :21 February, 2016 - [ 8yrs ]:
StarSign: :Pisces:
Looks: :Attractive:
Hair Colour: :Black:
Eye Colour: :Brown:
Height: :140cm (4ft 7.1in) or shorter:
Weight: :17kg
Body Type: :Slim:
Bust: :56
Waist: :47:
Hips: :59:
Dress Size: :s kids:
Shoe Size: :12 kids:
Pants InSeam: :61cm = 24''
Pants OutSeam: :71cm = 28'':
Modeling / Acting Scene:
Experience: :Newbie:
Note to the
:3)[TopUp-TestShoot] Thati really enjoyed the shoot and since I (Mom) was there when she was shooting I would like to thank you guys on how patient you are with her and making her feel comfortable shooting with the PB team -Regarding Onthatile's pictures we rely love all of them - and the picture on the front page also perfect ! 2)[Pics Published] My shoot was amazing I really enjoyed myself and had so much fun... also my pictures look stunning and beautiful I love them :
As a Person
Alltime Favourite LoveSong: :Idebala:
Personality: :Creative, fun, loving, chilled.:
Invited Events PRO-Sheet [Over 30 events =67 ]:

-E0009981~ 'BESTMED: The PAPER PLANE Girl (5-7y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,18Jun'21)-
-E0009930~ 'MTN: The (pan African Looking) GRANDDAUGHTER On Facetime (4-6y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Mon,24May'21)-
-E0009815~ 'STA SOFT: The Scene 1: The Daughter (4-5y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Fri,9Apr'21)-
-E0009776~ 'CHICKEN LICKEN : The Little Girl MBALI (7-9y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,29Mar'21)-
-E0009733~ 'SUNLIGHT : The LEAD Daughter ZAZI (6-8y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,15Mar'21)-
-E0009675~ 'CROSS + BLACKWELL: FIFI (the girl that makes Cupcakes) (8-9y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,15Feb'21)-
-E0009673~ 'BLUE BAND (Marg): The FRIENDS With NETBALL Or BASKETBALL SKILLS (7-10y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Sun,14Feb'21)-
-E0009672~ 'BLUE BAND (Marg): The LEAD Girl (Pan African Looking) With NETBALL SKILLS (7-9y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Sun,14Feb'21)-
-E0009666~ 'CROSS + BLACKWELL: The Fifi (Girl Makes Cupcakes) (8-9y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Tue,9Feb'21)-
-E0009635~ 'VW (Tiguan): The KIDS Playing In The Garden (5-9y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Wed,13Jan'21)-
-E0009498~ 'SHOPRITE Africa: The Commercial 2 - (Looks Like From) Angola , Mozambique , Botswana Or Zambia - The DAUGHTER (5-7y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Wed,7Oct'20)-
-E0009499~ 'SHOPRITE Africa: The Commercial 1 - (Looks Like From) Ghana , Nigeria , Uganda - The DAUGHTER (5-7y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Wed,7Oct'20)-
-E0009479~ 'MUTICHOICE: The SUPER-SPORT Scene: The GRANDCHILD (7-12y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Thu,1Oct'20)-
-E0009469~ 'MUTICHOICE: The DA-Vinci Scene: The CHILD (6-9y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Thu,1Oct'20)-
-E0009466~ 'MUTICHOICE: The DO-LITTLE Scene: The Toddlers (3-6y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Thu,1Oct'20)-
-E0009385~ 'WOOLWORTHS: The Black Or White Girls (5-7y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Sun,23Aug'20)-
-E0009376~ 'STANDARD BANK : The Gorgeous Cute Little Girl (6-9y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Thu,13Aug'20)-
-E0009339~ 'SUNLIGHT: The NIGERIAN (Looks) CHILD (6-9y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Thu,16Jul'20)-
-E0009338~ 'SUNLIGHT: The KENYAN (Looks) CHILD (6-9y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Thu,16Jul'20)-

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