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Thandeka Shongwe

L8+ Catalog~Model: w

Speaks: :English, Zulu:
Based in: :Riverside View:
Born in: :South Africa:
Birthday: :28 November, 1988 - [ 35yrs ]:
StarSign: :Sagittarius:
Looks: :Attractive:
Hair Colour: :Black:
Eye Colour: :Brown:
Height: :173cm (5ft 8.1in):
Weight: :52kg
Body Type: :Slim:
Bust: :80cm = 31''
Waist: :77cm = 30'':
Hips: :95cm = 37'':
Dress Size: :10:
Shoe Size: :6:
Pants InSeam: :85cm = 33''
Pants OutSeam: :102cm = 40'':
Modeling / Acting Scene:
Experience: :Newbie:
As You See Me: :Kind, warm, confident, people's person, fun, happy, bubbly, and I love my space.:
Note to the
:[Shoot and Pics Published] I saw all the pictures and they're stunning. I love them.. The experience was awesome !It made me realize that I still have a lot to learn, even though Rob was hard on me, I get it and I appreciate his sincerity. My pictures look stunning. I think shooting with you made me realize that I need to learn how to pose and know all these poses. I need to improve and I will. :
As a Person
Alltime Favourite LoveSong: :You make me feel- Celine Dion:
Personality: :Fun, outgoing, sensitive, diplomatic and lovable.:
Invited Events PRO-Sheet [Over 30 events =46 ]:

-E0004943~ 'WhiteStar: The Smarter RESTAURANT Roles'
                        Casting (on Fri,8Aug'14)-
-E0004943~ 'WhiteStar: The Smarter RESTAURANT Roles'
                        Casting (on Fri,8Aug'14)-
-E0009994~ 'TELKOM: The ELEVATOR Women (BUSINESS Looks) (26-32y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,24Jun'21)-
-E0009991~ 'VODACOM: The FRIEND (Fem) On A VIDEO Call (Bubbly Plz) (32-36y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,23Jun'21)-
-E0009971~ 'FNB: The Easy ZERO Mom (32-38y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,11Jun'21)-
-E0009963~ 'OUTSURANCE: The ASSISTANT MANAGER In Warehouse (27-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,8Jun'21)-
-E0009949~ 'AVBOB: The PRESENTER (Must be Script Actors) (30-45y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Wed,2Jun'21)-
-E0009937~ 'GOTV: The (pan African Looking) Sisters House Scene: The SISTER (30-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,27May'21)-
-E0009918~ 'FLYING FISH: The (pan African Looking) DJ (25-34y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,24May'21)-
-E0009919~ 'FLYING FISH: The (pan African Looking) BAR TENDER (Experienced) (25-32y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,24May'21)-
-E0009898~ 'SEFA: The Mother (28-34y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,21May'21)-
-E0009900~ 'SEFA: The FEMALE Shop Keeper (30-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,21May'21)-
-E0009842~ 'ALL GOLD: The Scene 1: The FARMER DAUGHTER (Of Mother) (31-34y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Fri,30Apr'21)-
-E0009821~ 'CARLING CUP: The Female Younger Journalsits (26-37y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,14Apr'21)-
-E0009808~ 'FEBREZE : The AFRICAN AMERICAN Mom (30-45y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Sun,4Apr'21)-
-E0009759~ 'Standard Bank: The RETAILER (Till Point) Scene. The TELLER (30-40y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Wed,17Mar'21)-
-E0009746~ 'Standard Bank: The FAMILY 3 Scene. The MOM Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Wed,17Mar'21)-
-E0009735~ 'SUNLIGHT : The Featured Extra Mother - Customer (30-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,16Mar'21)-
-E0009734~ 'SUNLIGHT : The LEAD Moms Friend- Community Woman (28-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,16Mar'21)-

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