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Bernice Emily Kazie

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Speaks: :English, Zulu, Shona:
Based in: :Cape Town:
Born in: :Zimbabwe:
Birthday: :17 November, 1998 - [ 25yrs ]:
StarSign: :Scorpio:
Looks: :Very Attractive:
Hair Colour: :Black:
Eye Colour: :Brown:
Height: :165cm (5ft 5.0in):
Weight: :49kg
Body Type: :Slim:
Bust: :88cm = 35''
Waist: :79cm = 31'':
Hips: :98cm = 39'':
Dress Size: :4:
Shoe Size: :4:
Pants InSeam: :85cm = 33''
Pants OutSeam: :104cm = 41'':
Modeling / Acting Scene:
Experience: :Ramp:
As You See Me: :A very beautiful, gorgeous young woman. I have a large personality, hard working, confident, bubbly, hardly ever disappointed.:
Note to the
:2)[Pics Published] The pictures are Amazing, as a result of the Amazing shoot. I gained major experience and confidence from working with you... and I much appreciate that. Thank you for your time and patience and for believing in me. I had a really great time and I look forward to many more shoots with you !!! 1)[PFShootDay] I felt welcomed and i had a connection with the rest of the girls and the photographers and and everyone who works there . So basically it was more like family bu the End of the day for me . The shoot was phenomenal and i really had a good time . :
As a Person
Alltime Favourite LoveSong: :Sam Smith- Narvana:
Personality: :Fun, determined, hard working, bright, bubbly, happy soul, outgoing, adventurous, and friendly.:
Invited Events PRO-Sheet [Over 30 events =34 ]:

-E0009968~ 'MTN: The Mask-Cne Scene: The Light Skinned Lady (21-24y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Thu,10Jun'21)-
-E0009960~ 'Miss South Africa Pageant 2021: The ENTRANTS (Models) (20-28y) Role'
                        Last Entry Date (on Thu,24Jun'21)-
-E0009957~ 'TELKOM: The TOP DANCERS (Colrd Fem) (21-27y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,4Jun'21)-
-E0009890~ 'DANUP (Drinking Yoghurt): The FEATURED EXT - Young Women Soweto Locals (Gorgeous Model Looks) (21-25y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Mon,17May'21)-
-E0009888~ 'DANUP (Drinking Yoghurt): The FEATURED X - The STILLS Pics - Beautiful Young Women - Model Looks -(No Attendance) - All Races (19-27y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Mon,17May'21)-
-E0009885~ 'DANUP (Drinking Yoghurt): The FEATURED X - The Young Couple On A Romantic Date - FEMALE (19-25y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Mon,17May'21)-
-E0009876~ 'BETWAY: The TENNIS Player (Must Have Played Before) (23-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,13May'21)-
-E0009868~ 'IEC: The Muslim Woman In NIQAB (Like A Moslem Black Covering - So Eyes Only) (20-30y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,11May'21)-
-E0009846~ 'BETWAY: The TENNIS Player (Must Have Played Before) (22-33y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,6May'21)-
-E0009819~ 'Pageant - Miss MAMELODI SUNDOWNS 2021: The MS Entrants (18-25y) Role'
                        Last Entry Date (on Mon,26Apr'21)-
-E0009814~ 'GAME: The Young LADY (Natural Hair Or Braids Only) (23-27y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Tue,6Apr'21)-
-E0009744~ 'Standard Bank: The Indian FAMILY 2 Scene. The Medical Student DAUGHTER Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Wed,17Mar'21)-
-E0009700~ 'ENERGADE(Stills) : The MODEL Looks Like A NETBALL Player (19-29y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,25Feb'21)-
-E0009650~ 'Pageant - Miss REGAL 2021: The Ms REGAL Entrants (18-27y) Role'
                        Last Entry Date (on Fri,30Apr'21)-
-E0009563~ 'COCA COLA: The BMX Experts And SKATE-BOARDERS (16-25y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,17Nov'20)-
-E0009560~ 'GAME: The After Party - Waitress (20-26y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Wed,11Nov'20)-
-E0009559~ 'Famous Brand (Project-TIGER): The NATURAL Athletic Girl (Selftape) (20-30y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Thu,5Nov'20)-
-E0009538~ 'Famous Brand (Project-TIGER): The NATURAL Athletic Girl (20-30y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,28Oct'20)-
-E0009537~ 'Famous Brand (Project-TIGER): The MIDDLE EASTERN Or Hispanic Looking Girl (20-30y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,27Oct'20)-

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