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Ntando Sandile Ndlovu

L8 Char+Catalog~Model: w

Speaks: :English, Zulu:
Based in: :Alberton, Gauteng:
Born in: :South Africa:
Birthday: :22 February, 1999 - [ 25yrs ]:
StarSign: :Aquarius:
Looks: :Very Attractive:
Hair Colour: :Black:
Eye Colour: :Brown:
Height: :184cm (6ft 0.4in):
Weight: :66kg
Body Type: :Model:
Chest: :90cm = 35''
Waist: :74cm = 29'':
Hips: :95cm = 37'':
Dress Size: :Small:
Shoe Size: :9:
Pants InSeam: :88cm = 35''
Pants OutSeam: :106cm = 42'':
Modeling / Acting Scene:
Experience: :Newbie:
As You See Me: :Well groomed, confident, good communicator and dedicated:
Note to the
:2)[Pics Published] thanks for the thrilling experience. I feel I learnt alot to be confident and relaxed .worked with a great photographer who took great pictures .like the rich colour of the pics and in general it was a good shoot. 1)[PFShootDay] I really enjoyed because I learnt a lot and I'm willing to always improve.learnt to always be natural and not to be tense. MANY THANKS :
As a Person
Alltime Favourite LoveSong: :Die for you- The Weekend:
Personality: :Determind, kind, patient, hard-working and charming:
Invited Events PRO-Sheet [Over 30 events =127 ]:

-E0009211~ 'TELKOM: The MONDE (The Online Gamer) (19-24y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,6Mar'20)-
-E0009205~ 'LUNCHBAR: The HERO. A REAL DANCER (18-26y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,4Mar'20)-
-E0009172~ 'Famous Brand (7thAv): The REAL SOCCER PLAYERS (20-25y) Role'
                        Casting (on Sun,9Feb'20)-
-E0009166~ 'NEDBANK (T1): The STUDENTS Scene: The BM Student (19-20y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,7Feb'20)-
-E0009113~ 'DSTV: IDOLS Auditions: Season 16 (2020) - (Age16-30y)'
                        Casting (on Sat,7Mar'20)-
-E0009109~ 'Minute Maid(stills): The VARSITY FRIENDS (Students) - M Models (19-26y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,13Feb'20)-
-E0009105~ 'Famous Brand: The Trendy INSTAGRAM Explorers (18-26y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,5Feb'20)-
-E0009102~ 'Famous Brand: The Young BUSINESS MAN (20-25y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,5Feb'20)-
-E0009047~ 'SURVIVOR (SA) Series 8: The Next SURVIVOR (18-65y) Role'
                        Last Entry Date (on Sun,19Jan'20)-
-E0009011~ 'VW (Connect): The Irritated Man In The BANK (20-29y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Tue,3Dec'19)-
-E0008981~ 'RAMA: The SEVEN COLOURS SUNDAY Scene: The YOUNG Man Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,22Nov'19)-
-E0008970~ 'COKE +Meals: The SON (17-21y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Sat,16Nov'19)-
-E0008908~ 'INVESTEC (Stills): The STUDIOUS INTERN (BM) (20-23y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,1Nov'19)-
-E0008888~ 'OUTSURANCE: The CHEFS Scene- Looks Experienced As A Top COOK Or CHEF (20-28y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,28Oct'19)-
-E0008881~ 'STANDARD BANK: The EPISODE 4 Scene: MZI - Young CHEF (22-30y) Role'
                        Casting (on Sat,26Oct'19)-
-E0008851~ 'VEEROX CAMPHOR CREAM: The SON (Panadrican Looking) (20-24y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,9Oct'19)-
-E0008828~ 'Cell-C: The COSTUME Party Scene - (BLK) (18-22y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,30Sep'19)-
-E0008823~ 'Cell-C: The SKATER-BOARDERS Scene - (Must Ride A Skateboard Well) (15-19y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,27Sep'19)-
-E0008824~ 'Cell-C: The DANCERS Scene - BREAKDANCERS Or HIPHOP (NOT Pantsula) (18-25y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,27Sep'19)-

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