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Mark Narasoo

L8+ Catalog~Model, Actor: w

Speaks: :English, Afrikaans:
Based in: :Lenasia, JHB:
Born in: :RSA:
Birthday: :19 October, 1981 - [ 38yrs ]:
StarSign: :Libra:
Looks: :Attractive:
Hair Colour: :Black:
Eye Colour: :Black (Dark Brown):
Height: :170cm (5ft 6.9in):
Weight: :68kg
Body Type: :Slim:
Chest: :89cm = 35''
Waist: :85cm = 33'':
Hips: :99cm = 39'':
Shirt Size: :M:
Shoe Size: :7:
Pants InSeam: :76cm = 30''
Pants OutSeam: :99cm = 39'':
Modeling / Acting Scene:
Experience: :Newbie:
As You See Me: :Adventurous, Fun, Good looking, Serious, Hardworker, Peoples person:
Note to the
:3)[TopUp] The shoot was awesome. Enjoy the experience everytime. Working with u is great because u know what looks great and demand it. 2)[Pics published] What an adventure. From the first day of casting. The hectic week of sorting out my outfit gear and making them work. I was invigorated. Inspired by the professional way everything is handled and run at P-B. I really feel like this is the beginning of great things to come. I am hoping for everything of the best... This experience has also ignited my passions, so I feel Energetic and optimistic... I am going through the pictures now they look Great :) 1)[PF ShootDay] Awesome working with u guys- I felt awesome, it was fun, exciting and also informative ! Great experience...:
As a Person
Alltime Favourite LoveSong: :Whitney houston-Greatest love of all:
Personality: :Outgoing, Faithful, Fun to be with:
Invited Events PRO-Sheet [Over 30 events =266 ]:

-E0009343~ 'ABSA: The MOVING-IN Scene (30-35y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Tue,21Jul'20)-
-E0009340~ 'upGrad : The LEAD Male (25-35y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Mon,20Jul'20)-
-E0009308~ 'LG: The CAT7: WCA Man 2- Model (28-38y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Wed,8Jul'20)-
-E0009307~ 'LG: The CAT5: WCA Man 1- Unusual (28-38y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Wed,8Jul'20)-
-E0009277~ 'VW: The MANDISA Story: The LEAD Army Captain (35-45y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Tue,23Jun'20)-
-E0009262~ 'SARS: The General Field Workers SCENE: The MEN (30-45y) Role'
                        SelfTape Casting (on Wed,20May'20)-
-E0009204~ 'HOLLARD (Flute) : The J.C. (Lookalike) (35-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,28Feb'20)-
-E0009194~ 'WIMPY (3000): The GUY Passing The Taxi Guys (26-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,25Feb'20)-
-E0009187~ 'WIMPY (3000): The GUY Passing Taxi Guys (26-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,24Feb'20)-
-E0009086~ 'McDonalds: The Nice Looking Male Actor (30-42y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,28Jan'20)-
-E0009047~ 'SURVIVOR (SA) Series 8: The Next SURVIVOR (18-65y) Role'
                        Last Entry Date (on Sun,19Jan'20)-
-E0009045~ 'COLGATE: The Stay At Home Dad And Kids Scene: The REAL DAD (25-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,9Jan'20)-
-E0008973~ 'CASTLE (OneNation): The Cricket Appeal Scene: SELECTED Artistes Only'
                        Casting (on Mon,18Nov'19)-
-E0008949~ 'CASTLE (OneNation): The Cricket Appeal Scene: Indian Males (30-38y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Fri,15Nov'19)-
-E0008934~ 'HYUNDAI: The REAL COUPLE (Mixed Race) KISSING (25-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,14Nov'19)-
-E0008915~ 'ABSA (Life Insurance): The BAKING DELIGHT: The DAD (30-42y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,5Nov'19)-
-E0008869~ ' : The SPAZA Shop Owner- Real PAKISTANI Men (27-37y) Role'
                        Casting (on Sat,19Oct'19)-
-E0008848~ 'ABSA (Arro) -Stills: The MAURITIUS Looking Man (23-33y And 40-50y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,7Oct'19)-
-E0008811~ 'LIBERTY: The Family: The DAD(30-40Y) And His THREE Real Kids(5-12Y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,26Sep'19)-
-E0008710~ 'HUNTER: The SHOPKEEPER (40-60y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,23Aug'19)-
-E0008653~ 'FNB: The Year 2040 Scene: The BUSINESS Men And Women On A Fast-Train (30-55y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,29Jul'19)-
-E0008603~ 'AWARE.ORG: The NIGHTCLUB Scene- The REAL BARMAN - Experienced (33-46y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,16Jul'19)-
-E0008550~ 'MTN: The MINDGAMES Scene: The SHOPKEEPER (35-48y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,20Jun'19)-
-E0008545~ 'MTN: The MINDGAMES Scene: The SHOPKEEPER(35-48y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,17Jun'19)-
-E0008482~ 'EWI -Tone: The Digital Generation People - Eclectic(16-36y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Wed,15May'19)-
-E0004943~ 'WhiteStar: The Smarter RESTAURANT Roles'
                        Casting (on Fri,8Aug'14)-
-E0008457~ 'MTN (Karaoke): The MEN(30-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,30Apr'19)-
-E0008449~ 'SURVIVOR (SA): The SNAKE Scene: The Poor VICTIMS Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,29Apr'19)-
-E0008395~ 'DSTV: The STREET VENDORS(30-60y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,27Mar'19)-
-E0008361~ 'EDGARS: The JAZZ Scene: The REAL JAZZ Male MUSICIAN(35-60y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,15Mar'19)-
-E0008331~ 'SASOL: The Jogger(29-41y) Role (Selected ONLY)'
                        Casting (on Tue,19Feb'19)-
-E0008313~ 'OUTSURANCE: The TECHNICIANS(30-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,11Feb'19)-
-E0008306~ 'OUTSURANCE: The MALE DOCTORS (Acts Like)(30-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,7Feb'19)-
-E0008293~ 'ASSUPOL INSURANCE: The POLICE WOMAN(30-43y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,4Feb'19)-
-E0008274~ 'STANDARD BANK: The FAMILY Couple Scene - The Man (27-36y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,30Jan'19)-
-E0008268~ 'E45 Cream: The Older Office People WCI(36-50y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,28Jan'19)-
-E0008194~ 'PROJECT ICE: The Doctors STAFF Members (Maybe Medical Background)(35-50y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Fri,7Dec'18)-
-E0008147~ 'CONSOL Glass: The Social GUYS(28-40y) Role'
                        Stills/Editorial PhotoShoot (on Wed,7Nov'18)-
-E0008120~ 'NANDOs: The FRIENDS Eating Chicken(25-34y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,5Nov'18)-
-E0008073~ 'VODACOM (Integrated): The DAD BRAIDING Daughters Hair(24-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,19Oct'18)-
-E0008084~ 'Coca Cola (Share a Coke): The UNCOMMON Named Person (18-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,19Oct'18)-
-E0008034~ 'VODACOM (Summer): The Scene6: The Delivery Guy(25-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,4Oct'18)-
-E0007951~ 'ABSA: The (MAURITIAN Looking) DAD(30-35y) Role (Those SELECTED to cast ONLY)'
                        Casting (on Mon,20Aug'18)-
-E0007950~ 'ABSA: The (MAURITIAN Looking) ABSA Representative(30-40y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Fri,17Aug'18)-
-E0007916~ 'TOYOTA: The REAL MARTIAL Arts Experts (Karate if Poss - SLIM) (20-55y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,2Aug'18)-
-E0007915~ 'TOYOTA: The Service Centre Car Technicians - Mechanics(30-50y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,2Aug'18)-
-E0007879~ 'TASTIC: The Masterbrand - Couple On Couch (The Guy)(28-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,17Jul'18)-
-E0007876~ 'JAMESON: The Bongo Drummers(26-50y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,13Jul'18)-
-E0007875~ 'JAMESON: The Barman (Real)(32-38y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,10Jul'18)-
-E0007873~ 'JAMESON: The Motor Bike Guys (Wiith Licences)(25-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,10Jul'18)-
-E0007861~ 'VODACOM (Ticket): The Hero Guy Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,5Jul'18)-
-E0007848~ 'FORD: The Farmer(38-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,3Jul'18)-
-E0007843~ 'KFC: The Basketball Players - Slamdunk Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,28Jun'18)-
-E0007805~ 'EMIRATES: The (capuc) Passengers In Exec Lounge(30-50y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,11Jun'18)-
-E0007805~ 'EMIRATES: The (capuc) Passengers In Exec Lounge(30-50y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,11Jun'18)-
-E0007762~ 'VODACOM: The Posh WAITER (32-38y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,24May'18)-
-E0007760~ 'VODACOM: The Shopkeeper(30-38y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,24May'18)-
-E0007742~ 'TELKOM LIT: The Featured Office Workers(25-50y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,22May'18)-
-E0007718~ 'PROJECT T: The Wht- Col Indian Men - With A Real Income(29-38y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,10May'18)-
-E0007700~ 'PICK N PAY: The Partner To Woman Making The Meal(34-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,27Apr'18)-
-E0007692~ 'PICK N PAY: The The Chef Scene: The Chef Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,24Apr'18)-
-E0007645~ 'SABC-3 Search : The Presenters Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,20Apr'18)-
-E0007641~ 'CASTLE: The Background Theatre Type Dancers(25-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,3Apr'18)-
-E0007640~ 'Superbalist: The Featured Extra - Shop Keeper(33-42y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,27Mar'18)-
-E0007585~ 'SA TOURISM: The Packing Car For Road-Trip Scene: The Guys (Icw) -(28-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,21Feb'18)-
-E0007535~ 'NISSAN: The Cricket Player(24-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,25Jan'18)-
-E0007499~ 'STIMOROL (MENA): The Group Of Friends At Party (Middle East Looking)(20-35y) Role (RECAST)'
                        Casting (on Fri,8Dec'17)-
-E0007490~ 'VIRGIN Insurance: The Lead Guy (CAR) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,1Dec'17)-
-E0007487~ 'STIMOROL (MiddleEast): The Group Of Friends At Party (Middle East Looking)(20-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,30Nov'17)-
-E0007486~ 'STIMOROL (MiddleEast): The Couple On The Stairs (Middle East Looking)(20-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,30Nov'17)-
-E0007441~ 'COCA COLA: The Strong Coke Worker Guy Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,16Nov'17)-
-E0007436~ 'MNET-SURVIVOR 2018: The Survivors (Hopefuls) Role'
                        Last Entry Date (on Sun,26Nov'17)-
-E0007425~ 'NANDOs: The Gupta Brothers (Look Alikes Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,8Nov'17)-
-E0007423~ 'NANDOs: The Sign Language People (Who Can Do Sign Language) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,7Nov'17)-
-E0007410~ 'FRISCO: The Coffee Drinkers - Story Tellers(22-48y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,30Oct'17)-
-E0007409~ 'FRISCO: The Coffee Drinkers Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,27Oct'17)-
-E0007387~ 'CASTLE: The VIP Guests At The Rugby Match - incl Model Types (25-55y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,17Oct'17)-
-E0007386~ 'DEBONAIRS: The Boy Friend 2 - Saheed(25-32y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,13Oct'17)-
-E0007357~ 'DR OETKERS ITAL PIZZA: The Two Men (1X Indian)(25-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,2Oct'17)-
-E0007343~ 'DR OETKERS ITAL PIZZA: The Two Men (Indy Guy)(25-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,21Sep'17)-
-E0007289~ 'CELL C: The Real Fashion Stylist - Model Look -High Fashion Shoot Crew(25-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,7Sep'17)-
-E0007287~ 'CELL C: The Photographer -High Fashion Shoot Crew(25-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,7Sep'17)-
-E0007277~ 'Mzanzi-Magic (Our PERFECT Wedding) : The New Presenter Role'
                        Casting (on Sat,16Sep'17)-
-E0007234~ 'HOLLARD Insurance: The Grooms Men(27-37y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,1Aug'17)-
-E0007215~ 'BAT: The Boarder Post Guy(35-60y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,26Jul'17)-
-E0007197~ 'LIBERTY 'AGILE': The Real Parkour Guys (Agile)(20-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,18Jul'17)-
-E0007162~ 'Mercedes: The Men(19-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,30Jun'17)-
-E0007142~ 'FNB: The HIP Guy who Cant Pay for Petrol Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,21Jun'17)-
-E0007127~ 'DISCOVERY INSURE: The Good Singer(30-50y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,14Jun'17)-
-E0007116~ 'Toyota Mobility: The Special Skills - Older Adults (Real Heros)-(31-55y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,7Jun'17)-
-E0007108~ 'Danish TV Series: The Dark Skinned DeeJay (Vinyl Records) - DJ Alwyn Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,5Jun'17)-
-E0007107~ 'The INTERN (David Tladi) : The Fashion Designers Contestants'
                        Casting (on Thu,1Jun'17)-
-E0007096~ 'RECAST CLORETS: The Cousins - Commercial 2 Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,18May'17)-
-E0007086~ 'CLORETS: The Cousins - Commercial 2 Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,16May'17)-
-E0007071~ 'McDonalds: The Office Scene: Other Office Workers (Early 30S) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,12May'17)-
-E0005682~ 'BAR-ONE:The Indian Parents Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,18Jun'15)-
-E0007020~ 'KFC: The Fun Hip Roadtrip Peeps (Ind + Col M+F) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,26Apr'17)-
-E0007008~ 'TVSA- MARRIED at FIRST SITE (Reality Show): The To Audition (See Below)(24-40y) Role'
                        Last Entry Date (on Tue,30May'17)-
-E0007007~ 'SABC- The FINAL CUT: To Audition (Needs Great Actors)(18+y) Role'
                        Casting (on Sat,22Apr'17)-
-E0006977~ 'SA 's Got TALENT 2017'
                        Casting (on Sat,6May'17)-
-E0006976~ 'SA Tourism: The Chiefs And Pirates Party (DRESSED-UP Supporters) (28-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,6Apr'17)-
-E0006975~ 'SA Tourism: The Customs Arrival -(Actual Pan Africans) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,6Apr'17)-
-E0006963~ 'BUDGET: The Dodgy Mechanics - Mechanic 1 -Wheeler Dealer(22-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,29Mar'17)-
-E0006967~ 'BUDGET: The Jogging Neighbour(27-34y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,30Mar'17)-
-E0006966~ 'BUDGET: The Policeman + Policewoman(21-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,30Mar'17)-
-E0006965~ 'BUDGET: The Dodgy Mechanics - Chop Shop Guys -Like A Pitbull - Dangerous Look(21-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,30Mar'17)-
-E0006964~ 'BUDGET: The Dodgy Mechanics - Mechanic 2 -Shady DODGY DUDE (22-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,30Mar'17)-
-E0006956~ 'ABSA Rewards: The Office Workers Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,27Mar'17)-
-E0006903~ 'PageantsSA : S.A. Modelling and Talent Championships 2017'
                        Pgnt (on Sat,4Mar'17)-
-E0006902~ 'PageantsSA : Miss-Mr TOURISM S.A 2017'
                        Pgnt (on Sat,4Mar'17)-
-E0006878~ 'AMSTEL: The Party Guests(28-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,19Jan'17)-
-E0006846~ 'CASTLE-Lager: The Cyclists(25-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,13Dec'16)-
-E0006841~ 'CASTLE-Lager: The Dancers (Awsome Cool Dancers)(25-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,13Dec'16)-
-E0006840~ 'CASTLE-Lager: The Muso-s (Real Muso Looks) (25-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,13Dec'16)-
-E0006700~ 'DOH- PHILA: The Scene 8- Carwash Friends(24-27y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,13Oct'16)-
-E0006710~ 'DOH- PHILA: The Male Nurse (Med assistant) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,13Oct'16)-
-E0006790~ 'DIAL DIRECT: The Younger Guests At The Funeral(28-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,25Nov'16)-
-E0006788~ 'DIAL DIRECT: The Clown At A Funeral(30-50y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,24Nov'16)-
-E0006763~ 'SAA Airbus: The Business-Class (Indian) Mid 30S Leisure Couple(31-39y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Thu,17Nov'16)-
-E0006716~ 'ABSA: The Gym - Prevlin(23-32y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,26Oct'16)-
-E0006720~ 'ABSA: The NICE Feet (Mens) At the Pool (Only Feet) (18-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,26Oct'16)-
-E0006688~ 'DSTV -MNET: The VOICE Auditions 2017'
                        Last Entry Date (on Sat,22Oct'16)-
-E0006679~ 'KFC: The Pep Talk Scene -The Soldier(20-45y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Fri,30Sep'16)-
-E0006669~ 'Pick n Pay (XMAS): The Typical Dad Type(Col or Indian 30-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,26Sep'16)-
-E0006654~ 'SMIRNOFF: The HIP +TRENDY Record Storeowner And Barber Shop Dudes(26-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,20Sep'16)-
-E0006653~ 'SMIRNOFF: The South African REAL-Musicians(26-60y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,20Sep'16)-
-E0006633~ 'Pick n Pay (XMAS): The Typical Dad Type(30-45y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,16Sep'16)-
-E0006592~ 'LIBERTY Insurance: The Cricket Father(27-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,11Aug'16)-
-E0006569~ 'SANLAM: The Scene 21 – Lead - Playing Scrabble (Not Very Well) - (30-37y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,10Aug'16)-
-E0006547~ 'STREPSILS: The Pollution Scene (Man)(25-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,2Aug'16)-
-E0006546~ 'STREPSILS: The Aircon Scene (Man)(30-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,2Aug'16)-
-E0006523~ 'MTN (Savannah): The Upmarket Coloured Or Indian Man(27-34y) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,27Jul'16)-
-E0006504~ 'HONDA: The Passengers In Car (Men) Role'
                        Casting (on Wed,20Jul'16)-
-E0006495~ 'MARRIOTT Hotels: The Real Mediterranean (Looking) Married Couple (Husband) (30-45y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Mon,18Jul'16)-
-E0006475~ 'VIRGIN MONEY: The Burglar Dancer Role (Must Be Dancers That Can Really Dance) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,5Jul'16)-
-E0006474~ 'VIRGIN MONEY: The Paramedics / Firemen Roles(Must Be Dancers That Can Really Dance) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,5Jul'16)-
-E0006464~ 'VODACOM: The Doctor(38-48y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,27Jun'16)-
-E0006456~ 'CASTLE LITE: The PARKOUR Guys+Girls (Athletic Wall Jumpers) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,20Jun'16)-
-E0006423~ 'CADBURY: The Egyptian (Looking) Audience Members Featured Extras Roles'
                        Casting (on Fri,20May'16)-
-E0006422~ 'CADBURY: The Egyptian (Looking) Professors Academic Staff. Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,20May'16)-
-E0006375~ 'AMSTEL: The Body Guards Role RECAST'
                        Casting (on Fri,29Apr'16)-
-E0006372~ 'AMSTEL: The Lighting Crew Guy Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,29Apr'16)-
-E0006370~ 'AMSTEL: The Body Guards Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,28Apr'16)-
-E0006334~ 'PageantSA: SA Modelling +Talent Championshps 2016'
                        Pgnt (on Sat,23Apr'16)-
-E0006325~ 'HALLS: The Mideast D.J.(30-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,7Apr'16)-
-E0006324~ 'HALLS: The Mideast Guy On The Bicycle(30-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,7Apr'16)-
-E0006285~ 'Famous Brand: The Bus Stop People Singing along (25-35y) Role'
                        Casting (on Sat,19Mar'16)-
-E0006270~ 'MTN Business: The Office Colleague Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,10Mar'16)-
-E0005861~ 'NEDBANK STILLS: The White + Indian Male Executives(30-43y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,28Aug'15)-
-E0006163~ 'DSTV: IDOLS Auditions: Season 12'
                        Casting (on Sun,28Feb'16)-
-E0006147~ 'Dimension Data: The Smart Boardroom People- Indian Male(30-45y) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Thu,14Jan'16)-
-E0006142~ 'SAMSUNG: The Voice: The Male Singer (Good Voice) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,15Jan'16)-
-E0006117~ 'Virgin ACTIVE: The Man In The Bath Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,1Dec'15)-
-E0006111~ 'METROPOLITAN: The Choir Members Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,30Nov'15)-
-E0006104~ 'DISCOVERY Insure: The Driver(23-43y) Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,27Nov'15)-
-E0006101~ 'RHODES: The Family Unit 3 – REAL ‘Family Of Four’ Role(s)'
                        Casting (on Thu,26Nov'15)-
-E0006078~ 'STATUS RollOn: The Older Water Drinking Guys(30-40y) Role -RECAST'
                        Casting (on Tue,17Nov'15)-
-E0006071~ 'STATUS RollOn: The Older Water Drinking Guys(30-40y) Role'
                        Casting (on Mon,16Nov'15)-
-E0006068~ 'LOTTO: The Character 6 - Indian / Cappuccino Male – Mid 20’S – Mid 40’S Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Fri,13Nov'15)-
-E0005698~ 'HORNBACH: The Multi-Ethnic House BUILDERS Role(s)'
                        Casting (on Thu,25Jun'15)-
-E0005962~ 'DUNHILL: The Upmarket Good Looking People(25-35y) Role(s)'
                        Casting (on Mon,19Oct'15)-
-E0005957~ 'DSTV -MNET: The VOICE Auditions'
                        Last Entry Date (on Mon,26Oct'15)-
-E0005775~ 'CASTLE LAGER: The Detour Dude Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,21Jul'15)-
-E0005713~ 'SPAR : The Microwave Or Braai Man Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,3Jul'15)-
-E0005647~ 'MILO:The Indian Crowd Extras (25-48y) Role(s)'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Fri,5Jun'15)-
-E0005625~ 'McDonalds: The 'Cousin KAMAL and MO' - Indian Comedic Actors Role(s)'
                        Casting (on Fri,29May'15)-
-E0005608~ 'Beacon Bubbles: The Long Distance JOGGER Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,21May'15)-
-E0005594~ 'SA 's Got TALENT 2015'
                        Casting (on Sat,23May'15)-
-E0005442~ 'ABSA BARCLAYS: The EGYPTIAN or MAURITIAN Looking Man (25-35y) Role(s)'
                        Casting (on Fri,20Mar'15)-
-E0005545~ 'CHEVROLET: GOPAL- The Salesman Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,16Apr'15)-
-E0005563~ 'Online Hotel Brand:The INDIAN or PAKISTANI Role(s)'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Fri,17Apr'15)-
-E0005525~ 'MOMENTUM: The Gear Lock DAD Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Fri,10Apr'15)-
-E0005332~ 'KOO: The ADULTS Role(s)'
                        Casting (on Wed,11Feb'15)-
-E0005309~ 'ORANGE Cellular: The SOCCER FRIENDS+FANS (Mauritian Look) Roles'
                        Casting (on Thu,5Feb'15)-
-E0005298~ 'SABC3: Presenter Search (Top Billing)'
                        Casting (on Fri,6Mar'15)-
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Tue,20Jan'15)-
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Tue,20Jan'15)-
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Tue,20Jan'15)-
                        Casting (on Sun,18Jan'15)-
                        Casting (on Sat,17Jan'15)-
-E0005265~ 'Mzanzi M: BIG Brother: Open Auditions'
                        Casting (on Sat,31Jan'15)-
-E0005264~ 'LUCKY STAR: The BOXERS Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,16Jan'15)-
                        Casting (on Fri,16Jan'15)-
-E0005262~ 'LUCKY STAR: The DRUMMERS Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,16Jan'15)-
-E0005237~ 'Robinsons Juice: The FATHER Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,8Jan'15)-
-E0005222~ 'MRF Tyres: The MEDITERRANEAN FATHER(26-40 YRS) Role'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Thu,4Dec'14)-
-E0005213~ 'MRF Tyres: The INDIAN FATHER(26-40 YRS) Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,25Nov'14)-
-E0005103~ 'P+Pay: The Indian Dad Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,17Oct'14)-
-E0005013~ 'Proj:HH FastFoods: New Faces'
                        Casting (on Fri,5Sep'14)-
-E0005011~ 'ABSOLUT: The EDGY Roles'
                        Casting (on Mon,8Sep'14)-
-E0005000~ 'CASTLE: The ROLLERSKATING Staff Roles'
                        Casting (on Thu,4Sep'14)-
-E0004934~ 'DSTV: The Indi Suped-Up Car Guy Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,7Aug'14)-
-E0004905~ 'CONNIE Ad: The Male Scientists Roles'
                        Casting (on Thu,31Jul'14)-
-E0004848~ 'PageantsSA : 2014 OFFICIAL PAMSA JUDGES COURSE 1'
                        Workshop (on Sat,30Aug'14)-
-E0004844~ 'Famous Brand: The HINDU GUY Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,11Jul'14)-
-E0004830~ 'SPAR-TOPS: The SHABEER SHAKE Guy#2 Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,8Jul'14)-
-E0004763~ 'REDDS: The FANTASTIC DANCERS Recast'
                        Casting (on Thu,29May'14)-
-E0004762~ 'CocaCola: The MAN drinks Coke'
                        Casting (on Thu,29May'14)-
                        Casting (on Mon,19May'14)-
-E0004726~ 'StdBank: The Characters'
                        Casting (on Mon,12May'14)-
                        Casting (on Wed,16Apr'14)-
                        Casting (on Fri,11Apr'14)-
                        Casting (on Fri,4Apr'14)-
-E0004589~ 'ALL LIFE: The IND Male (25-45) Roles'
                        Casting (on Wed,12Mar'14)-
-E0004559~ 'CASTLE: The Male MASSEUR Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,28Feb'14)-
-E0004542~ 'CLIENTELE: The CCMA LAWYER Role'
                        Casting (on Tue,25Feb'14)-
-E0004522~ 'Clientele: CCMA Indi M Boss 30-48y'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Wed,19Feb'14)-
-E0004494~ 'ANC Campaign: The REAL MUSLIM DAD +Son Role'
                        Casting (on Thu,6Feb'14)-
-E0004436~ 'CASTLE Lite: The REAL Musicians: Bring Instruments'
                        Casting (on Mon,20Jan'14)-
-E0004419~ 'CASTLE Lite: The Musicians Roles'
                        Casting (on Fri,10Jan'14)-
                        Casting (on Thu,5Dec'13)-
-E0004371~ 'NordicBet: The European SOCCER PLAYER Roles'
                        Casting (on Thu,5Dec'13)-
-E0004364~ 'MTN Stills: The MIDDLE EASTERN MAN 25 to 45y'
                        Casting (on Wed,4Dec'13)-
-E0004353~ 'Cell C: The Courier Guy Role'
                        Casting (on Fri,29Nov'13)-
-E0004335~ 'KYKNET:Villa Rosa 'SterreJag' Auditions'
                        Last Entry Date (on Sat,30Nov'13)-
-E0004229~ 'FNB: The Mariachi Band'
                        Casting (on Fri,4Oct'13)-
-E0004224~ 'Smirnoff Vodka - The BARMAN Flipping Bottles PART'
                        Casting (on Sat,28Sep'13)-
-E0004206~ 'COKE- The Shop Assistant Part'
                        Casting (on Wed,25Sep'13)-
-E0004190~ 'KFC: The 'Neighbours''
                        Casting (on Wed,18Sep'13)-
-E0004161~ 'SAA- The HINDU FAMILY Parts'
                        Casting (on Fri,30Aug'13)-
-E0004093~ 'WIMPY- The 'Comic Indian Guy' part.'
                        Casting (on Sat,17Aug'13)-
-E0004060~ 'J+B - The STYLISH GENT Part'
                        Casting (on Sat,3Aug'13)-
-E0004010~ 'SURVIVOR SA - Champions'
                        Casting (on Thu,1Aug'13)-
-E0003988~ 'JIK: The INDYMAN 30 to 65yrs'
                        Casting (on Wed,26Jun'13)-
-E0003937~ 'Project MENTALIST: The Men'
                        Casting (on Wed,5Jun'13)-
-E0003865~ 'SCANDAL Extras -Socialite Guests'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Tue,30Apr'13)-
-E0003867~ 'SABC SPORT Presenter'
                        Casting (on Sat,15Jun'13)-
-E0003866~ 'SA 's Got TALENT 2013'
                        Casting (on Sat,25May'13)-
-E0003849~ 'TOYOTA- The Driver'
                        Casting (on Wed,24Apr'13)-
-E0003838~ 'TVSA: Step UP or Step Out Auditions'
                        Casting (on Sat,27Apr'13)-
-E0003819~ 'SABC - Nestle' Bar.One Manhunt'
                        Last Entry Date (on Sun,14Apr'13)-
-E0003807~ 'COMEDY CENTRAL: New Talent Search'
                        Last Entry Date (on Sun,7Apr'13)-
-E0003795~ 'PageantSA: SA Modelling +Talent Championshps'
                        Pgnt (on Sat,13Apr'13)-
-E0003747~ 'GAVISCON- The WAITER'
                        Casting (on Fri,1Feb'13)-
-E0003726~ 'VODACOM -Pitch - The SalesMan'
                        Casting (on Tue,22Jan'13)-
-E0003663~ 'JOHNNY WALKER- The RUGBY Players'
                        Casting (on Fri,7Dec'12)-
-E0003611~ 'Jameson:The Friends'
                        Casting (on Tue,13Nov'12)-
-E0003598~ 'Mzanzi Magic: 'Clash of Choirs''
                        Casting (on Sat,10Nov'12)-
-E0003556~ 'MTN- the BUSINESSMAN'
                        Casting (on Tue,16Oct'12)-
-E0003550~ 'PickNPay XMAS The I-C Man'
                        Casting (on Tue,16Oct'12)-
-E0003511~ 'PickNPay Xmas Indian'
                        Casting (on Tue,9Oct'12)-
-E0003508~ 'JET - GREAT DANCERS'
                        Casting (on Sat,6Oct'12)-
-E0003509~ 'JET - MODELS'
                        Casting (on Sat,6Oct'12)-
-E0003505~ 'PickNPay Xmas W-I Men'
                        Casting (on Mon,8Oct'12)-
-E0003475~ 'Dimension Data: 'Ops Manager''
                        Casting (on Tue,2Oct'12)-
-E0003441~ 'COKE The ARABIANS'
                        Casting (on Fri,7Sep'12)-
-E0003438~ 'COKE Badland PILOT'
                        Casting (on Fri,7Sep'12)-
-E0003437~ 'COKE Badland STUNT DRIVERS'
                        Casting (on Fri,7Sep'12)-
-E0003434~ 'COKE other COWBOYS'
                        Casting (on Fri,7Sep'12)-
-E0003430~ 'COKE Mirage- Cowboys'
                        Casting (on Thu,6Sep'12)-
-E0003399~ 'McDONALDS- Young Guys B'
                        Casting (on Thu,23Aug'12)-
-E0003391~ 'SAA 'InFlight' Safety Movie -The Tourists'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Tue,21Aug'12)-
-E0003317~ 'FNB 'Friends''
                        Casting (on Fri,27Jul'12)-
-E0003309~ 'AMARULA: Wardrobe Stylist'
                        Casting (on Tue,24Jul'12)-
-E0003308~ 'AMARULA: Photographer'
                        Casting (on Tue,24Jul'12)-
-E0003285~ 'Brixton - Workshop on Auditions and Castings.'
                        Workshop (on Sun,15Jul'12)-
-E0003280~ 'Brixton - Workshop on Auditions and Castings.'
                        Workshop (on Sun,8Jul'12)-
-E0003256~ 'OUTSURANCE- LV-1 - Recast'
                        Casting (on Tue,3Jul'12)-
-E0003250~ 'OUTSURANCE- CV1 - recast'
                        Casting (on Tue,3Jul'12)-
-E0003267~ 'ABSA #4 Rugby Supporters'
                        Casting (on Tue,3Jul'12)-
-E0003243~ 'ABSA #4 Extra Friends'
                        Casting (on Mon,2Jul'12)-
-E0003238~ 'OUTSURANCE- LV-1'
                        Casting (on Mon,2Jul'12)-
-E0003179~ 'SA 's Got TALENT'
                        Casting (on Sat,30Jun'12)-
-E0003172~ 'SABC: TOP BILLING Presenter'
                        Casting (on Mon,11Jun'12)-
-E0003109~ 'ESKOM - Diverse Looks'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Tue,1May'12)-
-E0003107~ 'NANDO's Indian Dbn Look'
                        PicsByEmail Casting (on Mon,30Apr'12)-