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Click * Roger (MrYouth SA2011)(a0005069) PageantsSA : Mr, Ms Rainbow Nation Well done 'Katz' (Ec:A0005069) being selected for Ev:E0002741~ PageantsSA : Mr, Ms Rainbow Nation 1st Prince:-

Sat, 10 Sep 2011 10:05:00
Sun, 10Sep, 2011at 20:05As an entrant to the 'Mr, Ms Rainbow Nation' Model Catwalk/ Ramp Beauty Pageant - He said yesterday was amazing- really nerve wrecking at times but I came out as the 1st prince Mr rainbow nation.' - Well Done 'Roger'

Click * Roger (MrYouth SA2011)(a0005069) New Featured Professional (PRO) Model - (Ec:A0005069) - *Gareth Carter*-22yr~'Get Carter'. ~ New Pics Published.- -

Wed, 08 Jun 2011 20:48:15
Professional (PRO)- Gareth Carter AKA 'Roger' is featured this week. The Blue-Green Eyed 185cm (6' 0.8'') Handsome Actor, Shot with PB recently- He is 'Spontaneous, Crazy, Outgoing, Funny, Romantic and Silly' - AND Featured THIS WEEK-- -

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