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Click * Thabo(a0002786) KFC 'HIPHOP Guy' - Selection for the Part: Well done 'Thabo' (Ec:A0002786) being selected for Ev:E0002693~ KFC 'HIPHOP Guy' - CALL Back!-

Thu, 23 Jun 2011 15:50:42
Results of the Casting on (PAST) Wed, 22Jun '11at 4:00pm-, Thabo Mokadi AKA 'Thabo' was Selected On Option for CALLback for Final Shoot. The Character: '**** The Hip Hop guy *****He is a Black guy, 18 22years old. They have the whole swagger and attitude. They dont have to dance. Again must dress and be the part. We can also have one who is either a bit tubby, or is skinny and gangly. Performance: We open on a front door as its being pulled open. Hip hop guys answer. They show their excitement by jumping up and down so much that their pants fall down.WARDROBE: Must dress in FULL HIPHOP ATTIRE (Outfit)

' --- 'Thabo' impressed the Producers / Directors and is Pencilled in for an Option on the Part. Well Done!-

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